Cake Canvases

As you may notice I recently added added a line of "Cake Canvases" to my website which are wood panels that are painted to look like cakes for wall decoration. All the ones shown in the gallery are either for sale or I can recreate them if they are already sold. The prices range from $15-$35 based on size and I do take custom order. Please feel free to email me at with any inquries.

Open For Commissions!

It's summer and that means two things, I'm bored and I'm broke. So, I'm officially open for commissions! I can do a range of things including....

  • custom paintings both on the abstract and more realistic end
  • hand paint furniture
  • canvas stretching
  • painting restoration
  • custom sculptures
  • hand painted shoes and clothes
  • logo design and general graphic design 
  • on site painting (an in-home mural for example)
  • and much more

Essentially, if you have an art related job you need done feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to discus details and prices.